Expanding Capabilities: LEMO UK Introduces Injection Moulding Machine

LEMO UK has enhanced its cable assembly production capabilities by integrating a Babyplast Injection Moulding Machine. This addition enables the manufacture of cable assemblies with custom over-moulded bend reliefs, precisely tailored to meet the unique customer requirements.  

Key customer benefits:

  • Enhanced Durability: Over-moulding bend reliefs improves the durability and longevity of cable assemblies, ensuring reliable performance. Having the capability to optimise the material choice dependant on the cable characteristics and end-use requirements, means we can offer improved   performance based on the specifics of a unique application. 
  • Customisation: Our customers can benefit from the ability to customise their cable assemblies with over-moulded bend reliefs to suit specific application end-use requirements.
  • Streamlined Supply Chain: By offering this additional service in-house, customers can enjoy a more streamlined supply chain and quicker turnaround times.
  • Quality Assurance: Customers can have confidence in the ISO-certified quality of the over-moulding process and the final product, leading to higher satisfaction levels.


Advantages of outsourcing cable assembly:

Outsourcing cable assembly manufacturing provides numerous advantages. By partnering with LEMO, a leader in the industry, businesses not only save money but avail from engineering design support, fast prototyping, shorter production lead-times, and fast delivery. LEMO guarantees reliable, high-performance connectivity from our state-of-the-art ISO-certified manufacturing facility in the UK supported by LEMO’s network of manufacturing subsidiaries located around the world. 

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